Thank you for stopping in.  I started blogging a little over 2 years ago as something I could do in my spare time and as a hobby.  I have made lots of batches of cookies, cupcakes, etc, that I have been proud of and a whole bunch that’s ended up in the trash.  Blogging has allowed me to share my baking adventures with you and at the same time has encouraged me to continue to try new recipes.  I like to share the recipes I am most proud of.  I don’t like complicated recipes, and I only post the ones I find to be the most tasty.   I find a lot of my inspiration from other bloggers so I hope I can give you a little inspiration to try something.

If you are looking for a particular recipe, check out the recipe box at the top of the page.  You can find my latest reciblog here.

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Thanks again & happy baking.

10 thoughts on “Welcome

    • That’s a tough one! My personal favorite was the Italian flag cake.. But if you are looking for something less formal.. I like the raspberry lemonade cupcakes I just put up. Also the pumpkin cupcakes are delicious too 🙂

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